I’m interested in everything. And a lot of things make me nervous. A doctor diagnosed me with General and Social Anxiety. (Or what we’d say in the business world is that I have an opportunity for growth in “calming down.”) I want to escape from most social situations, and I used to avoid driving up hills for fear of losing control of the car, but I’ve gotten over that. I have some odd eccentricities,  most of which my family handles with care. They say it makes life interesting, and my daughter says, “no one is normal.”  I am interested in expressing my history with anxiety, my therapy, and how anxiety continues to manifest itself in my life. I’m also interested in everything else. I think for myself and I’m candid in my writing.

I’m married with two children. I live in Trafford, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh. I work in the financial services industry and teach English online.